GPS Cancel Sat 7th/Race Support / Refunds

GPS Cancel Sat 7th/Race Support / Refunds

Held off sending this as long as possible hoping that a meteorologist put a decimal point in the wrong place, sadly not - forecast 90mph winds means we can't run Saturday, for Sunday training please check Saturday evening and on Sunday morning.

This is also the first call for race support for next weeks racing at Cairngorm, we need to know how many athletes are intending to race, to make it easy for us please list name, age group of the race entered and which days are entered to the 'contact us' link on the website.

Top up payment of £ 22.50 per athlete is required for those who require an extra day race support, this can be paid through the website. The support list will be updated through the week - please check to ensure your athlete's name is on the list by Wednesday evening as we will not be able to support any trainee not named.

Refunds - we are going to complete all refunds due at the end of the season, this will take some little time and the treasurer will be in contact to request bank details.


Please note that due work and travel constraints website updates will be made by 8pm on Fridays.