Update 2 SSBX & BLOCK 4

Update 2 SSBX & BLOCK 4

We are training this weekend, this is a new block so we expect a little bit of confusion and the snowcross is being run on the Butcharts Corrie which should be easier for access to the finish line

GPS Block 4

There has been some confusion with block 4 and top up payments. To clear things up block 4 starts this weekend and group lists can be found here. If your name(s) are not on the list then please book on via the website as normal and send an email to bookings@gps-snow.org. Booking will close at midnight tonight. If you have any questions please contact bookings@gps-snow.org.

Race Support SSBX

Race support for the Snowcross this weekend  - please note that if your athlete is not on the list below and you require race support please email bookings@gps-snow.org before the end of the 27th Feb. Failure to do this will result in race support not being provided.

GPS Athletes currently with coach support 

Competitor Name Age Group and Group

Liam Pogson
Harmony Milne < 16 F

Arran Milne  Calum Shepherd Tommy Cockburn William Grey Alex Geekie

Mathew Leonard Thomas Grey < 12 M

Maisie Morgan


Many thanks,

The GPS Team